7 Shower Seating Options for Comfort and Convenience

If you’re thinking about transitioning from a tub to a shower or remodeling your bathroom completely, consider adding a shower seat. These additions can significantly enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your space. Not only do shower seats offer practical benefits like safety and comfort, especially for individuals with mobility issues, but they also add a touch of luxury and spa-like feel to your bathroom. Here are seven shower seating options for comfort and convenience to help you make an informed choice.

Reasons to Incorporate a Shower Seat

Incorporating a shower seat into your bathroom design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it serves practical and therapeutic purposes. Primarily, a shower seat enhances safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls, making it an essential feature for people with limited mobility. It allows them to shower independently and comfortably without the fear of losing their balance.

For those seeking a spa-like experience at home, a shower seat offers the perfect opportunity to relax under a warm shower after a long day. It transforms your daily shower routine into a more luxurious and restorative experience, enabling you to indulge in longer, more soothing showers where you can rejuvenate both your body and mind.

Built-In Shower Seats

Built-in shower seats are integrated directly into your shower's design, providing a seamless look. They're typically constructed of waterproof materials, such as tiled concrete or solid surfaces, making them durable and easy to clean. Built-in seats offer stability and a permanent solution for those looking for a sleek and custom appearance in their shower.

Homeowners seeking a high-end, customized bathroom remodel that maximizes space without the need for movable parts may prefer built-in shower seats.

Folding Shower Seats


For a versatile and space-saving option, folding shower seats are a great choice. These seats are attached to the shower wall and can be folded up when not in use, making them perfect for smaller showers. They come in various materials, including teak wood and stainless steel, providing durability and resistance to moisture.

Folding shower seats are perfect for smaller bathrooms or multi-use showers where space is limited and accessibility is a priority.

Portable Shower Seats

Portable shower seats offer flexibility. They're not fixed to any part of the shower, so you can easily move them in and out as needed. These seats come in a wide range of styles and materials, including plastic and metal, some of which are designed for superior water resistance and easy cleaning. Portable seats are an affordable and convenient solution, particularly for temporary needs or where installation of permanent or folding seats is not possible. They make sense for renters, those with temporary mobility issues, or anyone looking for a quick and budget-friendly shower seating solution.

7 Shower Seating Options for Comfort and Convenience

Garden Benches or Stools

Garden benches or stools can add a unique and stylish element to your bathroom. Often made from teak, bamboo, or, in the case of stools, ceramics, this flexible and decorative seating option adds a touch of nature to the bathroom. Though not specifically designed for showers, many garden benches are well-suited for wet environments and can be easily moved as needed.

ADA Compliant Shower Seats

Designed specifically for individuals with mobility limitations, ADA compliant shower seats prioritize safety and accessibility. These seats often feature a non-slip surface, support legs, and the ability to withstand greater weight capacities. They are available in both fixed and folding styles, providing options for a variety of bathroom configurations.

For those who expect to age in place or who will be caring for elderly parents or relatives, your contractor should be experienced in roll-in shower installation. Winston-Salem area residents rely on Reece Builders for expert tub to shower conversions and bathroom remodeling to provide greater accessibility and safety for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Corner Shower Seats


Corner shower seats are a space-efficient solution that fit snugly into the corner of your shower. They can be built-in or freestanding to maximize the usable space in your shower. Made from materials like acrylic, teak, concrete, or tiled surfaces, these seats offer both functionality and an opportunity to compliment your shower's design.

Corner shower seats are ideal for small to medium-sized showers where space is limited or as an additional seat in larger shower spaces.

7 Shower Seating Options for Comfort and Convenience

Shower Window Seats

If your shower is adjacent to a window, incorporating a shower window seat can create a luxurious and serene space. These seats allow for natural light and a view, enhancing your shower experience and providing a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the tranquility of your bathroom. Shower window seats require careful waterproofing and should be constructed from moisture-resistant materials.

Ways to Use a Shower Seat When You Don’t Need to Sit On It

Shower seats can become places for humidity-loving plants, adding some greenery to your bathroom. You can also use them to hold waterproof baskets that keep your personal care products organized. Plus, if your shower is big enough or you can direct water away from the seat, you can place towels or robes on the seat for easy access when you’re finished with your shower.

Design Options for Incorporating A Shower Seat in Your Bathroom

You can choose from water-resistant wood, tile, concrete, stainless steel, or plastic for your shower seat. If aesthetics are especially important to you, a built-in shower seat covered in the same tile as the rest of the shower creates a seamless, serene look. For more impact, choose a colorful contrasting tile, or a wood-like tile to add interest to the shower area.

Repeating the shower seat material in another area of the shower, such as a niche for soaps and shampoos, can pull the look together in a pleasing way.

Shower seating options are diverse, each offering unique benefits to fit various needs, preferences, and bathroom layouts. Whether you prioritize accessibility, space efficiency, or design aesthetics, there's a shower seating solution perfect for your bathroom remodeling project. Consider your specific requirements and consult with a professional to ensure the chosen seating option complements your space and lifestyle. By selecting the right shower seat, you can transform your bathroom into a more comfortable, functional, and stylish space that you'll enjoy for years to come.